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Intro to CMFP 2023 

Now open!

2023 Intro to CMFP Student Calendar

Online Applications for the

Introduction to CMFP 2023
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CMFP Calendar

Online Enrollment and Enrollment Renewal for CMFP 2022-2023

Students who successfully complete the Introduction to CMFP
as well as returning CMFP students must enroll and 
renew their enrollment, respectively.


Enrollment Link: Now Closed!

   Calendar 2022-2023: Click Here

2022-2023 CMFP Student Calendar.jpg

For further questions, please contact:

Maria Antonia Amao
CMFP Director, Spanish
(909) 475-5383

Steven Halligan
CMFP Director, English
(909) 475-5382

Noemi Mora
CMFP Secretary
(909) 475-5375

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