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Our Mission 

The mission of the Ministry Formation Institute (MFI) is to serve the Diocese of San Bernardino and its parishes by providing quality education and formation to adults who are seeking personal faith enrichment, ministerial leadership, or inquiring about Permanent Diaconate. Based on both the “Diocesan Vision” and the USCCB “National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministry and Service,” the institute aims to prepare all to be true Disciples of Christ and faithful representatives of the Church. (updated 5/2019)

The Ministry Formation Institute (MFI), founded in 1998 by Most Reverend Bishop Gerald R. Barnes, serves the goal of the Diocese, and the Catholic Communities within it, by providing quality formation programs for adults and lay ecclesial ministers. The Institute collaborates with Vicars, Pastors and Pastoral Coordinators, and diocesan Office Directors to prepare the laity to serve our multicultural and multilingual faith communities.

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