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Synod 2021-2023

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The mission of the Ministry Formation Institute (MFI) is to serve the Diocese of San Bernardino and its parishes by providing quality education and formation to adults, those seeking personal faith enrichment, ministerial leadership, and those inquiring about Permanent Diaconate. Based on both the “Diocesan Vision” and the USCCB “National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministry and Service,” the institute aims to prepare all to be true Disciples of Christ and faithful representatives of the Church. 


Upcoming Events


Registration for FALL 2024:


Calendar: Fall 2024
PMFP will be offered online (Zoom).
Classes begin on August 7, 2024,
and conclude on January 22, 2025.

Inscripción para OTOÑO 2024:


Calendario: 2024 Otoño

PMFP se ofrece en línea (a través de Zoom).
Las clases comienzan el 1° de agosto de 2024
y terminan el 23 de enero de 2025.


PMFP_Logo 2016.png

The Parish Ministers' Formation Program (PMFP)

is designed for all parish ministers who serve in ecclesial ministries. PMFP assists the pastors and other pastoral leaders in providing formation for the laity at the basic level, especially in the areas of common vision, discernment of gifts, and vocation to lay ministry in our local Church.

Introduction to Continuing Ministry Formation Program (CMFP) 
is an intensive, eight-session intermediate course designed to prepare students for the rigors of the Continuing Ministry Formation Program. 

Intro to CMFP- UPDATED.png

Introduction to CMFP 2024 

Now Closed!​​

Online applications were available until Abril 26,2024.

Classes began Saturday, May 4, 2024. 
Click here for the Calendar!

Introducción al CMFP 2024 

¡Inscripciónes están cerradas!​

¡Solicitudes en línea estuvieron disponibles hasta el 26 de abril, 2024!

Clases comenzaron el 4 de mayo, 2024.

¡Haga Click Aqui para el Calendario! 
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The Continuing Ministry Formation Program (CMFP)

is a 3-5 year advanced formation & credential program for adults seeking faith enrichment, for those who desire to serve in ministerial leadership, and those considering the diaconate. CMFP prepares lay leaders to serve the Church and to support the Pastor or Pastoral Coordinator in implementing the

parish and diocesan vision.

Enrollment & Renewal for CMFP



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Inscripción y Renovación del CMFP



¡Haga click aqui para inscribirse!

Institutional Partnerships


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Subcommittee on Certification for Ecclesial Ministry and Service has approved the certification standards and procedures of Ministry Formation Institute, Diocese of San Bernardino for Ministry Leaders through 2026.

For more information about the USCCB Subcommittee, visit


AETH (Association for Hispanic Theological Education), a network of people and institutions. They promote and certify the quality of Hispanic theological educational programs and contribute to the development of the leadership of women and men who strengthen our communities.

The “Continuing Ministry Formation Program (CMFP) is a Certified Institutional Member of AETH which indicates a commitment to provide high quality Hispanic theological education and to meet the expectations of baccalaureate equivalency as described in the Educational Standards of ATS.”

SCU 1.jpg

For individuals wishing to pursue a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministries, Santa Clara University is pleased to offer an online blended program where courses are taught through a combination of face-to-face, video conferencing, and online experiences.


Many of our diocesan employees, parish staff, and parishioners have taken advantage of this wonderful program. 

For more information, 

please contact
Lynne Lukenbill at (408)554-4831


The Diocese of

San Bernardino has partnered with Loyola Marymount University's Center for Religion and Spirituality. Whether you are a minister, social worker, or catechist, the LMU Center for Religion and Spirituality has something

for you. 


LaQuita Gray-Baker
PMFP Student

It is an honor and pleasure to be asked to share the testimony of my journey in the Parish Ministers’ Formation Course (PMFP).  After almost 2-years of my Pastor asking me to take this journey, I finally succumbed.  To my surprise, it was very fulfilling and instrumental in reconnecting with my faith, understanding my ministry, and, most important, seeing myself as a child of God.  I am a cradle catholic and my first 10 years of education was in catholic school.  After participating in this formation program, I began to realize just how much I lacked in really knowing my faith.  This course is the beginning of a journey that all should endeavor.

It has been a pleasure to enroll in this program. My learning platform has grown so much that I have decided to pursue my advanced specialization as I enroll in CMFP.

Fernando Martinez

As a ministry leader and an active participant in the Church, CMFP for me was a beautiful continuous revelation that God gifted me through my formation.

Mirza D Barrera Pastrana
Intro to CMFP

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